42MW Heating Plant constructed in capital of Khovd province

“MEZ” LLC carried out construction work of Heating Plant with capacity of 42MW /36Gcal/h/ in Khovd province including design work under a contract No.12/50 with Ministry of Mineral and Energy of Mongolia and Energy Development Agency. Design drawings of the Heating Plant was developed by Chengdu Engineering Co.,Ltd, China, and building construction and equipment installation work executed according to this design drawings.

We completed the construction work in the shortest time due to the fact that the work schedule was reduced in relation with the detailed schedule of project work plan, site organization, work schedule and the sequence of work, and also order of each material made in time according to the drawings.

We continuously monitored the budget and material consumption during the execution of work, and we have significantly improved the quality and period of work using various controls such as regular or periodical and ongoing quality control, performance inspection and work stage examination etc.

Specific of the construction of newly built Heating Plant is that it had been conducting exploration work, making soil structural geological conclusions, mapping of topographic maps  based on feasibility studies of the project, and also performing project research and design works according to the seismic data and wind direction data etc, and also construction and commissioning carried out on the basis of turnkey contract.

In compliance with the order of the land, topographic map of Heating Plant was developed, and external fence, 3.2 km of dual power transmission lines, clean water pipelines and deep wells etc wre constructed in Oct-Nov, 2012.

From April to October 2013, we completed earth works, building foundation works of large volume which used 1600 ton concrete, 200 ton rebar. As well as 2 stored complex office building of Heating Plant  was built in short time with high quality.

When we selected the equipment, we had made a research work of the equipment of latest technology that can meet the bidding requirements and as well as cooperated with design companies and manufactories.

Equipment such as 3 chain grate boilers QXL14-1.6/150/75-AII, coal handling system with capacity of 60 ton/h type TD75, ash removal system with chain conveyer type ZKC-5, pumps type SLS200-500, SLS65-250 and SLS150-315 /16 sets/, heat exchanger with capacity of 30MW type AM25-BPG/16230 etc installed at the Heating Plant and coal handling system is equipped with crusher /РС0810/, screen mesh 30x30mm particles, metal detector  /GZ4/ including high sensor of advanced technology, metal separator /RCDC6.5/ etc.

The main technical specifications of the Heating Plant:

–       Capacity of 1 boiler -14MW

–       Smoke gas outlet temperature – 1420С°

–       Boiler coefficiency >81%

–       Bag filter /ash catcher/ coefficiency ≥ 93%

–       Warranty period of main equipment -30 years

–       Capacity of coal handling system – 60ton/h

–       Coal consumption – 2.41ton/h

–       Outlet ash or slag from 1 boiler – 0.4ton/h

–       Ash in smoke gas from boiler –  0.1ton/h

–       Dust in smoke gas from boiler  – ≤ 50mg/Nm3

SO2 – ≤ 900-1500 mg/Nm3

NOx – ≤ 510 mg/Nm3

CO – ≤ 200 mg/Nm3

Heating Plant main equipment-boiler is selected in accordance with the quality of the coal from the mine in Khushuut, Khar Tarvagatai and with chain grate which resistant to high temperature combustion, as well as the working temperature of chain grate can be controlled from remote control panel.

The features and advantages of this heating plant which are different from other plants:

Chain grate of boiler has chemical and physical properties which is suitable for high calored coal /6100kcal/kg-7100kcal/kg/ and resistant to high temperature.

Installed chemical water treatment equipment is of the latest advanced technology with automatic control and method of removing the gases in the water using the iron particles.

One of the specialty of this Heating Plant constructed in province is that its control system of technological process had been solved by DCS (Distributed control system).

In addition, network water is planned to be heated in heat exchanger by boiler water with purpose of preventing to residue any coating in heating surface of boiler. And also our particular attention to the boiler water regime has the advantage of having a positive effect on the project implementation.

2013 42MW Design drawings development and construction work of new Heating Plant in Khovd province /Design, installation and testing of automatic controlling system/
2014 42MW Reconstruction of Heating Plant and heating distribution network, FS, design development bidding package-1 for construction project of heating Plant in new center of Khovd province