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Brief introduction of the company

“MEZ” LLC Energy Construction and Repair company was founded on December 25, 1998, is one of the first private companies that were established under the Government policy to transfer certain types of activities and works in the field of energy to the private sector in accordance with the transition of the country from centralized economy to market economy.

At present, our company has more than 130 employees, most of them highly qualified professionals such as qualified engineering and technical personnels, electric and argon welders, gas and plasma mills that have many years of experience in the field of energy in order to repair, adjust and install in accordance with international standards.

Since its establishment, the company worked on many projects such as carried out overhaul and mid-term repairs of boiler БКЗ Å420-140-10C, turbines PT-80-130 and PT-100-130 at Thermal Power Plant #4, overhaul and mid-term repair of boilers БКЗ -75-39ÔÁ at Thermal Power Plants #2 and #3 in Ulaanbaatar and at Thermal Power  Plant  in  Darkhan,  repair and replacement of magistral and  branch pipelines of “Ulaanbaatar Heating Distribution Network” State owned company. The company successfully participated in the I and II phase of project which implemented at TPP#4 under the Japanese Government’s soft loan agreement, and for the first time in the Mongolian energy history, worked on the insulation, de-modification and modification of hot gas duct DN2600 using advanced technology.

During 2010-2011, the company performed mid-term repair of БКЗ-420-140-10С boiler#2 and #4, overhaul repair of convective header of Boiler#6 and #8, overhaul repair of dust system of boiler#3, overhaul repair of boiler#7, repair of steam pipelines, also periodical and mid-term repairs and reconstruction of turbines and boilers,  and repair work of refractory brick insulation at TPP#4 and overhaul repair of boiler#2 and #4 at TPP in Erdenet city. Furthermore,  reconstruction  work  of  main  seal  of  vertical  roller  mill  of  boiler#1-8, mid-term repair of air heater of boiler#1 and 2, overhaul repair of convective heating surface, economizer, air heater, water and steam pipes,  flue gas and air duct and insulation brick.

In  2010-2011,  the  company  performed construction,  installation, testing  and  adjustment  work  of boiler#1 and #3 and its auxiliary equipment,  coal  handling system,  ash  removal  system, limestone system, industrial compressor system, air cooling  condensate (ACC No.1) cooling tower and pipes etc of 18MW newly built power plant in Tsogttsetsii soum in Umnugobi aimag at the request of Energy resource and MCS International companies and successfully commissioned it to the State Commission.

And in cooperation with “Sib-KOTES” firm from Irkutsk city, Russia, made thermal and aerodynamic calculation, equipment selection,  design drawings of BKZ-75-39FB boiler  to implement new technology in operation of Boiler#1 of Thermal Power Plant in Erdenet.

In 2011-2012, the company performed work that financed by Mongolian State Budget, reconstruction of boiler and partially replacement of pipes of heating supply network at heating plant in Sukhbaatar city  Selenge aimag with high quality and put in operation through the State Commission.

In 2012-2013 our company successfully developed and performed the design project and construction work of new heating plant in Khovd aimag, installation of bag filter for ТС-35-39 Boiler#1 and #3, and construction and installation of new boiler    to replace old  one   at  TPP#2,  successfully cooperated on the project “MAC dry bottom ash handling system” with Magaldi Power SpA company from Italia and implemented it at TPP#4.

In the year of 2014, the company has completed overhaul repair of boiler#6 and #8 type БКЗ-420-140-10С, repair of steam pipe, mid-term and periodical repairs of turbines, insulation and brick works of heating surface, replacement work and supply material for repairing of feed water header pipe of high pressured station at TPP#3, and state budgeted construction work of substation and secondary circuit in scope of “Heating Plant, Heating Distribution Network package” in Jargalant soum, Khovd aimag and run into operation through the State Commissioning.

In year of 2015, we have performed and handed over in operation works such as replacement  of pipelines of feed water header at the corner of “B” section in high pressure  station of TPP#3, overhaul repair work of drum of boiler#3, steam collecting camera, duct of hot air&flue gas, decreasing cooling apparatus РОУ-140/16 and secondary section’s feed water’s cold header of TPP#4.

In year of 2016, our company has successfully completed the Heating Plant construction of New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Project which has been awarded as  “The  Best  Construction  Work  of  2016”  of  Energy  sector  of Mongolia.