Project, Business Development Department

The Project, Business Development Department carries out such activities as review and evaluation of the company’s business activities, development of short-term and long-term business plans, pricing based on budgetary norms, monitoring technological innovations or modifications, pays attention to the quality of overhaul and mid-term repairs and also inspects how the company manages to follow the technological norms and how company can direct company’s activities to the implementation of the laws on occupational safety and health. The Department consists from 9 managers who work inder the direct management of Deputy Director.

The Project, Business Development Department primarily deals with finding new ideas about the company’s activities and conducting some engineering research, assessments of current and planned projects and development of drawings and implementing advanced technologies into the energy sector.

One of the key areas of the department functioning is the development and expansion of foreign relations. Since 2002, we cooperated with companies such as Xiamen Chn Media Import and Export Co.,Ltd, Beijing Building Materials Co.,Ltd, Beifang Long Ji Construction Materials Equipment Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Liangchen Group, Shandon Liu Machinery Co.,Ltd  and Zhengzhou Boiler Co.,Ltd of China, Magaldi Power SpA from Italia, Emaliyans Co.,Ltd, Biisk Boiler Factory, Barnaul “BAMZ” from Russia etc. Also we worked in cooperation with “Sib-Kotes” Co.,Ltd from Irkutsk, “Kotes-Energo” Novosibirsk, Russia and Chengdu Engineering Co.,Ltd China for developing design and FS.

Production and Maintenance Department

Production and Maintenance Department is a leading department in the field of main activities of the company. It has a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians who have 5 to 35 years of experience in the energy sector. The department is working under the direct supervising of deputy director having 4 senior engineers, 4 engineers and 4 foremen and many other excellent employees.

Production and Maintenance Department consists from 3 units such as:

  • Installation and Maintenance, Repair Unit I and Unit II
  • Mechanical Production Unit
  • Refractory Brick Insulation Unit

Installation and Maintenance, Repair Unit I and Unit II

Installation and Maintenance, Repair Unit I and Unit II has highly skilled and experienced engineers, technicians, repairmen, welders and workers and carries out  the main activities of the company.

Installation and Maintenance, Repair Unit consists of different teams such as valve, heating surface, rotating mechanism, pipelines, scaffolders support.

Refractory Brick Insulation Unit

This unit performs refractory brick insulation and pipe insulation works for all equipment installed by our company. Meanwhile the unit closely operates with foreign projects implemented in the energy sector. We draw attention to the use of modern tools, equipment and mechanisms for carrying out repair and reconstruction works with high quality and concentrate on improving technologies of brick insulation, save costs and implement advanced technologies and mechanisms in practice.

Mechanical Production Unit

This unit (workshop) is in charge of whittling, polishing some parts of turbines, heating surface of boiler, pump core, and also metal processing works, restoration of valves at Thermal Power Plants. Therefore very professional, experienced, qualified team work here. The workshop is equipped with equipment and machineries such as lathe machine, drilling machine, edger, bending machine for plate, steel pipe, cutter and polisher with state registration certificate, and as well with automatic computer controlled bending machine of latest technology of Germany for bending steel pipes with diameter of 32-89mm.

This unit paying attention to not only providing high quality services but also utilizing latest machinery, equipment, apparatures of edge maker, plasm cutter, automatic cutter, semi automatic and argon welding apparatures by introducing most advanced technology in the energy sector.

Supply and reprocessing components:

All kinds of metals are processed, whittled and polished.

Water tube bundle, economizer, steam heaters of high and medium pressured boilers.

Water heaters.

Parts of rotating mechanisms are whittled and polished.

Reconstruction of all types of valves.

Whittling of heating system components.

Financial Department

The Financial Department creates an enabling environment within all sectors to carry out activities that are reflected in the company’s business policies, improves accounting control over the proper use of the company’s assets, and transparency in accounting and financial disclosure, and as well as taking the conclusion of financial statements through professional audit.

The Department includes the head of the Financial Departmant, chief accountant, bookkeeper, cashier, labor relations specialist, procurement specialist, internal accounting bookkeeper, bookkeeper assistant, security, timekeeper and the housekeeper.

The Department has an purpose for company to reach social and economical independence. For that reason the Department works to create a funding resources to ensure financial independence in line with the company’s business budget, plan and future development strategies and invest efficient projects by using the ways for increasing the resources, fully implement an international accounting policy with aid of proper allocation of the company’s assets, realisation of human resource leadership.