The Heating Plant of New Ulaanbaatar International Airport

Introduction of the project

The Heating Plant is located 2.5km to the south-east of the New Ulaanbaatar International Airport complex. Heating Plant is consists of boiler house /main building/, coal receiving building, coal crusher house, coal conveyer 1 and 2, reserve generator house, pump station, ash silo facilities, guard house etc.

The Heating Plant is fitted with 3 low temperature fluidized bed combustion boilers with capacity of 14MW each.  2 of them in operation and 1 boiler in stand by, total planned capacity is  28MW. 3 bag filter which capable of filtering 99.9% of ash in smoke gas, 3 smoke fans, 3 blower fans, 2 ash removal systems for bottom ash of furnace for ash from bag filter and removed ash is collected separately in 2 ash silo located outside of main building and transported by truck for discharge.

3 heat exchangers each with capacity of 14MW along with water supply pumps installed to supply heat to the airport facilities, ventilation and conditioning systems. Water supply system is equipped 3 lifting pumps of deep well for pumping 1000m3 water to mechanical and Na filters in chemical water treatment system to supply feed water to the boiler and secondary circuit.

Coal handling system is a complex system consisting of coal storage area of 1500m3, coal receiving bunker, metal detector, magnetic separator, belt,  5 dust aspirator, 2 coal crushers which crushes coal size is less than 12mm, ash collecting silo, coal feeder etc. The Heating Plant is equipped with modern automatic airconditioning and heat exchanging equipment and is also equipped with advanced equipment for fire and communication alarms, providing the most comfortable working environment for humans.